Do you need Multiple columns in your drop down menus in Joomla? Here is a solution for you. Responsive Multi Column Menu will enable you to easily have multi-column sub menus in your joomla site. You do not have to do any complex menu management, all is done from the usual Joomla Menu manager.

Browser Support

  • FirefoxMozilla Firefox
  • ChromeGoogle Chrome
  • SafariSafari
  • OperaOpera and Opera Mobile
  • Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 8 and newer
  • AndroidMajor Tablets and Mobile Browsers

Intelligent platform detection
Responsive menu adapts wisely depending on the platform it is used on. It works on Desktops, tablets, and any of your chosen smartphones (with javascript support). Ofcourse this may not help on non-javascript browsers, but thats not web for anyway.

Super-Easy backend customisation
You dont have to be a programmer to customise the look of the menu to suit your webpage. It provides easy setup of colors right from the backend. Even if you are a programmer, the code is nice and easy to maintain.

Optimised javascript built with jQuery
most preferred javascript library, and we use CDN locations which are cached on most devices.

Backend Screenshot